Guidelines for Reviewers


  • Peer Review Guidelines

The journal Archives of Agriculture and Environmental Science is a peer reviewed international journal and publishes original articles reviewed by the potential reviewers of the journal. The peer review is an assessment of the work by one or a group of the people in the similar field, expertise, and competence. It’s a process of scrutinizing of the activity by the relevant field and profession in which the activity occurs. The peer review methods are adopted to maintain, increase and sustain quality, performance, and credibility of the publication. This process encourages authors to meet the accepted standards of discipline. This process of reviewing system helps in reducing unwarranted claims, interpretations, spreading of irrelevant findings and views.

  • Guidelines for Reviewers

The reviewers will help the editor to decide whether or not the article is published. Therefore, providing overall opinion and general observations of the article is essential. The comments of the submitted article should be courteous and constructive, and should not include any personal remarks or personal details including your name. Moreover, giving insight into any deficiencies is important. The reviewers should explain and support the judgment so that both editors and authors are able to fully understand the reasoning behind the comments. It should also be necessary to indicate whether your comments are your own opinion or are reflected by the data present in the manuscript. The reviewers are expected to evaluate a manuscript for critical analysis, comparative analysis and most importantly for integrity and novelty of the research work.

  • To ensure that the manuscript has meet the scope and fit in the subject criteria of the journal.
  • To ensure that the manuscript has to meet the publication standards and the study subject should be advanced over formerly published work.
  • All manuscripts are reviewed in fairness based on the intellectual content of the article regardless of   gender, race, ethnicity, religion, citizenry nor political values of author(s);
  • Any observed conflict of interest during the review process must be communicated to the Editor;
  • All information pertaining to the manuscript is kept confidential;
  • Any information that may be the reason for the rejection of publication of a manuscript must be communicated to the Editor.
  • If you suspect plagiarism, fraud or have other ethical concerns, raise your suspicions with the editor, providing as much detail as possible. 
  • Give specific comments and suggestions, including about layout and format, Title, Abstract, Introduction, Method, statistical errors, Results/Discussion, Conclusion, language and References.
  • Provide your perspective regarding quality of the article and provide the area of the article to be upgraded.
  • Provide the clear outline the strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript.
  • Put forth your valuable suggestions to the author on how to improve the article.
  • If the article is worthy of rejection in your horizon, please explain the grounds on which the conclusion is posed.
  • Reviewers are requested to avoid any personalized statements that may be considered as biased.
  • The reviewers need to maintain confidentiality throughout the peer review process.
  • Reviewers are not allowed to make use of any confidential information from the paper prior to publication.
  • Even after publication, reviewers are allowed to use only the published data but not the content that they have     gained from previous drafts during peer review process.
  • Reviewers are requested to perform the peer review with ensured uniformity and impartiality.
  • We request reviewers to complete the peer review analysis within the stipulated time period.

The AESA trusts the genuine peer review process that the reviewers carry out so that it helps us to publish the original content with good essence. The journal Archives of Agriculture and Environmental Science is recruiting the potential reviewer’s kindly download the application form and submit it to the Editor-in Chief and gain the benefits of the esteemed journal.