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Welcome to the Online Payment Portal of AESA !

Please select your choise of fee payment from the options given below. We accept only VISA/MASTER CARD/AMEX/Paypal/PayU methods for online payment.  We do not accept demand drafts and cheques. 





Bank Account Details (For Direct Wire Transfer through Netbanking

Bank Name
Account Name
Account Number

Punjab National Bank
Agriculture and Environmental Science Academy

Note: All published prices shown here are subject to change at any time without prior notice or news. Please refer to the Payment Options on our website at the time of submission of any type of fee. The above schedule is for reference purposes only.

*Please do not forget to reply to the email invoice sent and attach the net banking payment confirmation along with the name of the account holder from which the funds are transferred.

  • Steps for Online Payment
  1. Click on the link “Payment Options” provided under the section “Quick Links” on the website’s homepage.
  2. Read terms and conditions and click on “Pay Now” button (preferred inside or outside India). This will take you to the page of AESA’s Online Payment Portal.
  3. Select your type of payment (e.g. Subscription/Membership/MS Processing Fee) and fill all the information including a valid Name and Email in the form and then click on “Pay Now” button.
  4. It will automatically forward you on the “Online Payment Portal”. Select method of payment (i.e. Debit/Credit/ATM or Net Banking) after filling your primary information asked then click on “Make Payment”.
  5. Fill your details  on the page, and click on Proceed. It will redirect you to the page of related bank where you have to fill your personal information. Wait for succeeded massage and note the transaction number appeared after payment.
  6. After completing the payment take a printout e-receipt by clicking on “print e-receipt” option on payment portal or note out the “Transaction Number”.
  7. Click on “Finish” if payment is successful to return to the successfull payment page.
  8. Use transaction number as “Online Payment Transaction (OPT) Number” and complete your application process on next working day.

*Important Information: Please ensure that you must have a stable internet connection to avoid failure of transaction.

Please do not pay fee more than once on one registration number or manuscript number.

Online Payment Gateway/Bank Charges/Service Charges are not included in fee amount. OTP charges are mentioned on the Payment Options page on the website. Bank charges may vary from bank to bank and country to country.

  • Terms and Conditions
    1.  AESA accepts the following credit cards and PayPal/PayU Money in USD or INR Transaction only:
    2. All payments of AESA invoices using the online payment facilities are subject to the following conditions.
      • American Express
      • Diners Club
      • Maes
      • Maestro
      • MasterCard
      • Visa​ (Should be International Debit/Credit Card in case of paying outside India)
      • AESA does not accept EFTPOS or Other debit cards.

​When you complete the online payment form, funds will be deducted from your credit card or PayPal account in the selected currency.

    1. If successful, portal will confirm that your payment was completed.
    2. If unsuccessful, portal will advise that your payment has failed. AESA will not be advised why a payment has failed, therefore, you should contact your credit card provider or bank for details.
    3. If your payment fails, please use one of the other payment methods described on your invoice, to pay your invoice. Please arrange an alternative payment method promptly to ensure continuous use of AESA publication services and Internet resources.
    4. ​AESA will confirm your payment details via email.​
    5. By using AESA’s online payment facilities, you agree to all applicable AESA policies relating to your Internet resources.
    6. All information you provide on the credit card payment facility forms will be handled in accordance with the AESA’s privacy statement. 
    7. AESA’s Terms and Conditions for online payments are subject to change at any time. Each transaction shall be subject to the specific Terms and Conditions        that were in place at the time of the transaction. 
  • Confirmation

 Due to the way transactions are processed by the external banking sites, there may be delays of about 7 days in updating your payment in AESA’s records.

  1. Payments are deposited to AESA’s bank account.
  2.  Online payments are secure:
  3. Payments will be processed directly by the AESA’s Payment Gateway or PayPal (in USD/INR transactions) using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and 128 bit protection of online Avast antivirus.
  4. Credit card numbers are protected with a high level of encryption when transmitted over the Internet.
  5. AESA does not have access to your credit card details.