Best Article Award

We are very pleased to announce that author(s)
“Sameh Elnaggar, Atef M. Mohamed*, Abderadi Bakeer and Toba A. Osman
have won the best article award of AAES’ 2018 Volume 3/ Issue 4  for their article entitled

“Current status of bacterial wilt (Ralstonia solanacearum) disease in major tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) growing areas in Egypt

We congratulate them for the honor!

About The Award

  • Each year, on each issue, the “Agriculture and Environmental Science Academy” is pleased to honor outstanding work published in the “Archives of Agriculture and Environmental Science” Journal with the AAES Best Article Award. 
  • Winners of the AAES Best Article Award are determined by most viewed, downloaded, cited or searched Manuscripts published on the website. Journal are evaluated and rated on clarity and content by a Board of Editors and voted on by a panel of judges.
  • Winners are presented with a handsome plaque in recognition of their award certificate.
  • An announcement featuring the winner(s)of the Best Article Award also appears in each issue of the AAES Journal, along with a brief summary of the work’s important findings. Past winners of the  AESA Best Article Award are featured on our website. (The timing of displaying winner name is the copyright of the academy and may be removed anytime without any permission and information of author(s) by the board.)
  • The “Agriculture and Environmental Science Academy” invites you to submit your own scholarly article to the “Archives of Agriculture and Environmental Science”.
  • One who wins the award will be notified via email and a copy of original certificate will be sent to the winner(s) after submitting a small certificate processing charges.

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